Yes Bank Share Price Target 2030 - Yes Bank Shares Reach 200?

Yes Bank Share Price Target 2030: If you have shares of Yes Bank in your portfolio, you must be interested in knowing Yes Bank Share Price Target 2030. In this article, I will give an overview of Yes Bank shares and will try to predict the price movement of Yes Bank based on facts.

What happened to Yes Bank?

Yes Bank is a private sector company that provides wealth management, banking, and financial services. It has more than 1100 branches and 1400 ATMs in India.

Let’s discuss in detail What happened to Yes Bank?

In 2018, the share price of Yes Bank collapsed from its high of ₹404 to ₹16.15. But in March 2020, many public institutes and banks invested in Yes Bank to save it from collapse.

SBI has invested about ₹9,225 crores and holds around a 48.2% stake in YES Bank. As per the orders, SBI can not withdraw its stake from Yes Bank below 26% for three years.

Other investors and shareholders can not reduce their stake below 75% of their total investment for three years. However, the lock-in period does not apply to shareholders with less than 100 shares.

Recovery phase in Yes Bank shares

Because of this, we can see a recovery phase in Yes Bank shares. That is why Yes Bank’s share is going up.

What is the future of Yes Bank share?

Time Yes Bank Return
1 Week -5.02%
1 Month -5.69%
3 Months 0.76%
YTD -3.28%
1 Year -19.21%
3 Years -94.01%
Yes Bank Share Performance

As of March 2021

  • Net Revenue: -23%
  • Net Loss: 85%
  • Loss Value: ₹3462.23 Cr

Net loss in March 2020: ₹22714.96 Cr

Cash Flow
  • March 2021 > 187%
  • Cashflow Value in March 2021 = ₹50,155.94 Cr
  • Cashflow Vale in March 2020 = – ₹57,640.53 Cr

Will Yes Bank share go up?

There is a piece of good news for Yes Bank investors. The first good news is that Moody’s has upgraded Yes Bank’s foreign currency rating from B3 to B2. It resulted in substantial improvement in funding and liquidity and strengthened depositor and credit confidence in the Bank.

Because of this upgrade in the rating, retail investors and depositors will trust the Bank, so there will be an increment in the firm’s revenue.

This positive result may reflect in Yes Bank’s balance sheet in the coming years.

Moving on to the second good news in this Bank. Yes Bank has collaborated with Amazon Pay and Amazon Web Series (AWS). Now customers can make payments in real-time via UPI transection.

It will help in generating more revenue for the Bank in the future.

As per Technical Analysis of Yes Bank’s share

As per the technical analysis of the Yes Bank Stock, it has collapsed about 95% in the past five years. The CAGR of the Yes Bank has been -44% for the last five years. In the last three years, CAGR has reduced to -22.14%.

So if the stock price of Yes Bank goes higher than ₹20.75, we may conclude that the internal fundamentals of the Bank have started to change. There are high chances that the price of the Yes Bank stock will rise from that price.

All these points indicate that there are high chances that the price will rise in the future.

Future Target – Yes Bank share price target 2030

If the Yes Bank share price rises at the same phase, then by the end of 2022, the stock price may reach somewhere between ₹35 to ₹45.

If the stock remains fundamentally strong, the stock price may hover somewhere between ₹75 to ₹90 in 2023.

By 2025 the stock price may reach between ₹160 to ₹200 if the Balance Sheet of the Bank remains strong.

Yes Bank share price target 2030 is predicted to be ₹330 to ₹400.

Disclaimer: This review is based on my analysis; you must do your analysis.

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