In search of the next Big Bull after Rakesh Jhunjhunwala's demise

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If you would have asked Jhunjhunwala ‘sir market ka kya lagta hai’, his typical response would have been - ‘the mother of all bull markets is coming'.

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala was the Biggest Bull of Dalal Street and no one is stands close to him.

Few investors believe that the Big Bull was started with Harshad Mehta and the era has concluded with the demise of Jhunjhunwala on Sunday morning.

There are a few people like him who could speak their minds without hesitation as he did. 

What are the qualities that turn a bull into a ‘Big Bull’? To become the Big Bull both the words 'big' and 'bull' are important.

One must be boldly bullish on the stock market and bet big and also make it big.

While his portfolio, stock picks and exits were widely tracked by scores of retail investors, Dalal Street's interactions with institutional investors were closely scrutinised.

The dynamics of the market, business of investing and fundraising patterns have changed dramatically.

To be a 'Big Bull', a person cannot manage public funds.

A Big Bull is characterized by a high risk-taking capacity and attitude, and public fund managers are generally risk-averse.

Time Will Tell Who would be the nest Big Bull.

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