Countries That Are At Risk Of A Deep Economic Crisis

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Rising price of dollar has crashed buying capacity in the international market of many countries. 

Investors are questioning how long will dollar surge will last, as it has increased by 13% in 2022.  Here is a list of countries at risk

In the illegal market, the peso presently exchanges at a close to 50% rebate, reached at all-time low, and securities are currently worth 20 pennies on the dollar.


Queued after Moscow in Ukraine campaign, Belarus is now under same harsh penalties that forced Russia into default last month.


Ecuador went into default two years ago. After violent protests and an effort to remove President Guillermo Lasso has put the country into turmoil.


With a debt-to-GDP ratio of about 95%, Egypt has encountered one of the biggest surges of foreign funds this year which is about $11 billion.


Trust levels plummeted after it made bitcoin a legal tender and shut the way to IMF trusts.

El Salvador

Ethiopia's prolonged civil war has slowed progress, it is nonetheless paying interest on its loan of $1 billion international bond.


These countries are the most helpless exclusively as a result of the amount of debt coming due relative to reserves, and the monetary issues as far as settling obligation troubles


Last week, Pakistan arrived at a significant IMF arrangement. The country's foreign exchange reserves have dwindled to just $9.8 billion, barely enough for five weeks' worth of imports.