Cryptocurrency Prices Jump Almost 13%: Crypto Market News

Cryptocurrency Prices Jump The Latest News

Cryptocurrency Prices Jump the latest news: The bullish trend went on for the second consecutive day in crypto markets as cryptocurrency prices Jump almost 13% recently. Bitcoin, ETH, Matic, DOGE, XRP, and SHIB have shown huge gains in the last two days. As of now, the worldwide digital currency market cap bounced almost 6% to $972 billion over the course of the day while Bitcoin traded above $22,000.

The worldwide crypto market volume throughout the course of recent hours expanded around 12% to $64.06 billion. The absolute volume in DeFi was $6 billion, addressing 9.48% of the all crypto market 24-hour volume. The volume of all stablecoins was $57 billion, 89% percent of the complete crypto market’s 24-hour volume.

Bitcoin’s (BTC) price expanded by 0.89 percent to 43.34%. BTC cost expanded 8% as of now. Currently (while writing this article), BTC was trading at $22,116. In the last 7 days, BTC cost has expanded by around 12%.

Edul Patel, CEO, and Co-founder of crypto investment platform Mudrex said “Bitcoin hovered above the US$22,000 level in the past 24 hours as the bullish sentiment in the market continues for another consecutive day. BTC is more than 23% up from the year’s low at US$17,592. If the bulls can hold it there, we might see BTC making more upward moves soon.”

He also said “The second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, also broke its vital level at US$1,200 on Thursday, and the price is not far from its resistance at US$1,281. The global crypto market cap rose 5% over the previous day.”

Crypto Rupee Index Change

Crypto Rupee Index (CRE8) by CoinSwitch expanded around 2% as of now to Rs 2491. CRE8 tracks crypto market performance in INR.

Top Cryptocurrency Prices Jump on July 7

CryptocurrencyPrice Increased In Percentage In 24 HoursPercentage Price Increased In Last 7 Days Current Cryptocurrency PriceRank As Per Market Capitalization
Ethereum (ETH)7%19%$1257 2
Binance (BNB)3.4%11%$2445
Solana (SOL)4.16%15%$38.629
Cardano (ADA)4.4%6.46%$0.48428
Dogecoin’s (DOGE)5%$0.0721410
Polkadot (DOT)6%$7.3412
Avalanche (AVAX)7% $20.7415
Polygon (Matic)13% 24%$0.587918
Shiba Inu (SHIB)8.35%$0.0000111414

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