Community Trust Bank: CTBI Pikeville, Kentucky

The Community Trust Bank Inc. (CTBI) is one of the largest trust companies, founded in 1903 and is headquartered in Pikeville, Kentucky. As by its name, the bank believes in community and trust. It was started for people who need help with financial decisions, or looking for financial guidance, trusted financial advisors, perhaps looking to save some extra money for the family to fulfil their needs. The bank is celebrating its 118 years of service to the people and communities of Kentucky, West Virginia and Tennessee.

Today, the Community Trust Bank has expanded to 80 locations. Out of which, seventy banks are located in eastern, northeastern, central and southcentral Kentucky, six banks are in West Virginia and four banks are located in Tennessee. The company hires the best of the best employees, so their experience and expertise can help the clients make better financial decisions.

The Bank offers consumer, residential, and business loaning options to new and existing customers. The bank also offers a variety of financial solutions for people and organizations, including the acceptance of time and demand deposits, provide cash management services to corporate and individual customers, issue letters of credit, lease safe deposit boxes, and provide electronic banking and funds transfer services. The trusted advisors of the bank work hard to preserve the wealth, assist with financial planning such as real estate planning, life insurance and support philanthropic causes for their clients. In 2020, the Community Trust Bank made an annual revenue of $217.83 million.

CTBI mobile banking (Community Trust Bank Mobile banking)

The CTB mobile banking offers their customers access to their accounts from the app and web browsers. Customers can download a mobile bank application or use a web browser to access their accounts, depending on their preferences.

With the mobile app and web browser, the customers can access the following.

  • Check their balance(s)
  • Check if the transaction made through cheques and debit cards has cleared the account
  • Receive text notifications from the bank
  • Pay off any bills
  • Search for Community Trust Bank ATMs nearby
  • See the front and back of the cheque

The bank uses encryption technology which makes both the web browser and application fully safe and secure for transactions. Also, they are supported by the popular U.S. wireless phone carriers, including AT&T, Appalachian Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

The CTB app is available on the play store and apple store. Customers must have a Community Trust Bank account and an activated internet banking service. Customers require to activate Internet Banking for the Community Trust Bank account. Also, they must have a phone to receive text messages and an activated data plan to access their account. Text messages, web access and other charges may apply.

CTBI Mobile Banking Features

Mobile e-statement

The Community Trust Bank allows consumers to check their e-statements through mobile banking apps. With this app, customers can check the last 13 months bank’s statements through their mobile.

The mobile e-statemen features the following:

  • Customers can view their e-statements including, Deposit account statements (Checking, Savings, Money Market), loan statements, etc., through mobile and other devices
  • Can check monthly and year-end statements within seconds
  • Allows to check the last 13 months of e-statements
  • Supported by Community Trust Bank mobile app
  • It does not support iPad, Android Tablet and Kindle
  • Android clients need to download a third-party .pdf reader from the Play Store
  • Android clients might encounter session time-out while reviewing records

The Community Trust Bank provide cards that allows safe and secure transactions.

Features of the cards are

  • Provide 24×7 card control
  • Allows to turn on or off cards as required
  • Prevents from fraud in case the card is lost or stolen
  • Allows to control spending by limiting transactions and withdrawals
  • Allows to review transaction history
  • Blocks international and out of region transactions
  • Allows to set dollar spending
Text Messages

The bank notifies its customers with text messages on the phone. Through text messages the customers can:

  • Check their balance
  • Check transaction history of the account.

The bank does not charge for this service, however, the service provider can charge for sending and receiving messages.

Mobile Bank Security

The CTB offers biometric security to its customers. Customers can unlock their mobile banking app using a passcode, fingerprint or face recognition. The bank offers to its customers to choose a PIN, biometric fingerprint or facial recognition scanner instead of entering user ID and password every time they log in. It is an easy, faster, convenient and secure way to access a bank’s mobile app to manage finances.

Mobile Remote Deposit Capture

With the mobile remote deposit capture, customers can deposit a cheque through the CTB Mobile Banking App by clicking and submitting the image of the cheque through mobile.

CTB Bank Visa Debit Card + Google Pay

The Community Trust Bank allows the user to use Google Pay. It is another faster and secure way for doing transactions.

Setting Up Google Pay Account:

  • Download the Google Pay App
  • Log-in with your account
  • Add the Community Trust Bank debit card to Google Pay
  • Pay for the bills

The best part is that Google Pay does not use the actual card details instead uses a virtual account number so that the customer’s account is safe and secure.

CTB Stock

CTB means Community Trust Bank and the value of CTB stock is check here.

What time does the community trust bank open?

The Community Bank Trust takes all measures for their customers to protect them against the Covid-19. The bank opens during business hours for the customers. However, the ATMs and Night Deposit Boxes are open 24×7.

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