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Equity Multiplier – Definition, Formula Example

Equity Multiplier

What is the Equity Multiplier (EM)? The Equity Multiplier is the financial leverage ratio that measures the portion of a company’s assets that are financed by its shareholder’s equity. Therefore, Equity Multiplier can be calculated by dividing the company’s total…

Debt to Equity Ratio- How to calculate ROE

Debt to equity ratio

The debt to equity ratio is the ratio between a company’s financial debt to its shareholder’s equity. The higher the debt to equity ratio, the more financial loan (bank loans) the company possesses over financial investors. In simple words, it…

What is a C Note? | U.S. Currency

C Note

What is a c note? The C Note is an informal term used for a 100 dollar bill in the U.S. currency. The term ‘C’ refers to numeral 100 in Roman, and the term ‘note’ refers to the bill. By…