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Ankit Jais

8 Intraday Trading Secrets For Investors

intraday trading

What is intraday trading? The term ‘intraday trading’ refers to the trades that are made within the day. In intraday trading, buying and selling of stocks are made on the same day, before the market closes. All the intraday positions…

How Much Does It Cost to Create NFT?

Non-Fungible Tokens(NFTs) are gaining much popularity around the world. This is why a lot of people are interested in NFTs. Today, people sell NFTs and become millionaires overnight. But did you know creating an NFT is not free? Then you…

6 Reasons Why Crypto Market Crash In 2022

Crypto Winter

$1 Trillion Lost, Why Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano and other cryptocurrencies are crashing? Crypto market crash more than $1trillion in market value. The crypto market is 11.43% down in the last 24 hours (5.30 pm, Friday 21 January 2022). If you…